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Osaka Sakai Plant Factory Corporation Artificial Light Plant Factory

An urban, high-variety, mass-production plant factory completed on the site of a warehouse in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. Developed in collaboration with Osaka Prefecture University as a model facility for on-demand mega plant, it serves in the development of cultivation technologies, such as full automation that utilizes AI and ICT technologies, to search for varieties suited for diversification, to produce functional vegetables, etc.

User Osaka Sakai Plant Factory Corporation

Area Osaka, Japan

Introduction year 2019

Product Artificial Light Plant Factory

Use Urban type, multi-variety, mass production, solar power utilization



Area 1000 ㎡

Temperature 18-25℃

Humidity 50-90% RH

PPFD 250μmol/㎡・s

CO2 Atmospheric concentration to 2000 ppm


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