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Creating Green Environment for Sustainable Society

Our Mission
ESPEC MIC Head Office

At ESPEC MIC Corp., our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by creating products that are as close to a real, natural environment as possible. "Creating genuine products;" this is the concept at ESPEC MIC Corp. Planting trees and restoring wetlands is part of our work, but our approach is not just about expanding forestry or planting trees for own convenience.

We do not decide which plants to grow merely for their manageability or beauty in landscaping or horticulture. We determine what to grow by creating a balance between the laws of nature and human use. This balance helps to prevent damage to ecosystems that nature has created over a long period of time.

In our pursuit to create a sustainable society that overcomes the global environmental crisis, we use technology to create and measure environments. We believe our approach in creating environments that are similar to nature in useful to society.

Indoor Farming Business
Mid-scale Indoor Farm

ESPEC MIC Corp. is one of a very few companies being in this indoor farming, that called "Plant Factory" in Japan, field for a long time. We have been designing and building productive indoor farm since 1988. We can provide from experimental scale to commercial scale indoor farm upon request of a user.

Forest and Wetland Greening Business
Forest Greening

ESPEC MIC Corp. is engaged in the revival and restoration of nature via reforestation aimed at regenerating forests and wetland projects that reclaim our river and rivers and streams.

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