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TAF : Container Type

TAF is a container-type indoor farm, that utilizes a transportation container (40 or 20 ft) and is equipped with a plant cultivation system. This type is easy to transport, and can be established anywhere that electricity and water can be accessed. Users can grow vegetables in any location, including those in extreme climate regions. 

TAN : Nursery Room

TAN is a germination and nursery system made with insulation panels. It is used for caring of grafted plants, acclimatization, and storage of nursery. This chamber can control growth environments according to 

plants and growth stage. We offer this chamber in various size, and the light source (i.e. fluorescent lamp or LED) can be selected according to the plants' requirements.

TAPH-1 : House Type

TAPH-1 is a walk-in type insulation panel indoor farm. It is equipped with multistage germination and cultivation beds for leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. TAPH-1 can be customized upon request (i.e. Air shower and showroom display).

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