TGE: Standard Type Chamber

TGE is a standard type growth chamber that is assembled insulation panels. Sunshine Ace, a HID lamp for plants, is used as the light source. This specific light source reproduces a light environment that is very similar to natural sunlight. This chamber can be prepared in a customized size depending on the installation space and type.

TGC: Integrated Type Chamber

TGC is a factory-made, integrated-type growth chamber. Users can use this chamber immediately upon introduction. Air flow is introduced on ground level in order to protect the plants from damage by direct wind. This chamber can be customized upon request, and the light source can be chosen from a few options (i.e. fluorescent lamp and LED).

TGH: Continuous Dimming Type Chamber

TGH is a high performance growth chamber which utilizes feedback control of light intensity under artificial lighting conditions. Nearly natural light conditions are made possible with the use of HID lamps (Sunshine Ace). The lamps can make over 100,000 lx in light intensity, and the dimming settings can be controlled continuously anywhere between 60 to 100%. Temperature, humidity, CO2, concentration can all be adjusted to one's needs. Each sensor and control panel are included as standard.

TGL: Space Saving Type Chamber

TGL is a small scale growth chamber which is assembled with an insulated panel on 1 square maters of floor space. The standard light source installed in this growth chamber is a three-wavelength fluorescent lamp. Air flow is controlled to be optimized throughout the chamber. There are two models of TGL. The first model comes with 30,000 lx per square meter, and the second model comes with 50,000 lx per square meter. Optional products, such as cultivation cabinet, are also available. 

TPE: Standard Type Phytotron

TPE is the standard type Phytotron which utilizes Agri-glass to save energy. This is an ideal environment for growing panels. This system can be customized to be an independent type or connection type. Optional additional products are also available (i.e. supplemental light, cultivation system, photoperiod treatment system, etc.). Air flow is controlled throughout the chamber to create the optimal environment.

TPEB: Biohazard Compliant Type Phytotron

TPEB is a closed type phytotron that is biohazard (genetically modified) compliant (P1P level). In order to save energy while creating the ideal environment for plants, Agri-glass is used. An effluent treatment system is equipped as standard equipment. Air flow is controlled throughout the chamber to create the optimal environment.

TPH: Special  Specification Type Phytotron

TPH is a phytotron that can be customized from single type building establishment type upon request. It comes in both closed and non-closed types with biohazard compliance (from P1P to P2P level). Optional products are available (i.e. supplemental light, cultivation system, photoperiod treatment system, etc.). Similar to TPE, TPH is also equipped with Agri-glass to save energy while creating an ideal environment for the plants. Users also have the ability to select an air conditioning system.

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