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VegetaFarm Haneda

Welcome to Our Technologically Advanced Farm

Leafy Lettuce

Our plant factory "VegetFarm"

Can produce multimineral vegetable 

year round

Without using pestiside and herbicide

About "mineraleaf®"

Our vegetable brand "mineraleaf®" have been developed new cultivation methods with Kyoto University and DHC Corporation. It is cultivated using Deep Sea Water (DSW) that is pumped up from 800m below sea level in Akazawa, Izu. We are able to grow healthy greens with high mineral content by using this clean and mineral-rich source of water.

About  Deep Sea Water

Deep Sea Water (DSW) refers to sea water which is deeper than 200m below sea level. We procure our sea water from Akazawa in Izu from a depth of 800m. Compare to sea water from the surface, DSW much clear and full of nutrients. Because our Indoor Farms are hydroponic facilities, it is very important to use clean water as part of our nutrient solution. The cleanliness of DSW is very beneficial for Indoor Farms. Also, DSW is full of minerals, especially magnesium. We let our vegetables absorb this magnesium, which gives them a special characteristic of being especially rich in minerals.

Deep Sea Water
VegetaFarm Haneda

Our technologically advanced indoor farm, named VegetaFarm Haneda, provide mineral rich and healthy vegetables. Over 800 heads (about 60kg) of leaf lettuce is harvested everyday, and provide our customers with a pesticide free vegetables. This farm is located close to Tokyo international airport (Haneda airport). If you want you can see our farm, please contact us!

VegetaFarm Osaka (Izumi and Sakai farm)

VegetaFarm Osaka is our first own commercial indoor farm located in Osaka, Japan. This farm is placed in Osaka prefecture University, and we have much interesting collaborative research for a indoor farming and aquaponics with University. Moreover, we have automated indoor farming showroom in VegetaFarm Osaka. If you want you can see our farm, please contact us!

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