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Growth Chamber

Joint research facility. Supports a wide range of experiments on leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, and root vegetables. The LED dimming function allows to carry out cultivation experiments with the amount of light required for plants. Cultivation experiments can be performed with an appropriate amount of light, and electricity costs for light sources, refrigerators, and humidifiers can be reduced. The LED does not require light bulb replacements, and does not require a structure separated by lamp dedicated glass or a cooling device.

User National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

Area Tsukuba, Japan

Introduction year 2018

Product Growth chamber

Use Joint research use facility. Cultivation experiment of leaf, fruit and root vegetables



Model TGH-6-3S

Temperature 15-35℃

Humidity 60-80% RH

Light intensity 30,000 lux

Light source dimming Command voltage from regulator. Lamp output 10-100%

External Dimensions W 2,000 x D 3,600 x H 2,520 mm


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