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Constant temperature and humidity room optimum for raising insects

Equipped with function to prevent corrosion caused by the components generated from insects, manure, and breeding materials. It reproduces stable temperature and humidity environment with simple controls. It can be used continuously for long periods of time and is easy to maintain.

User Osaka Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Institute

Area Osaka, Japan

Introduction year 2019

Product Constant temperature and humidity room

Use Insect breeding, preservation, seasonal adjustment, etc.



Temperature 20-35℃

Humidity 60-80% RH

External Dimensions W 3,500 x D 2,200 x H 2,000 mm

Internal Dimensions W 3,412 x D 2,112 x H 1,850 mm

Features Evaporator: Cationic coating treatment

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